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About the Project

Tutor: Prof. Jochen Rädecker
Team size: 21 People
Date: October 2020 – February 2021
My tasks: Creative direction, conception, editorial design

Momentum is a design Magazine created by 21 design students. To find out how designers of different disciplines and nationalities cope with the Corona-Crisis, we spoke with designers in Germany and abroad,

such as Qian Jiang, who works as an industrial design consultant in Stockholm, Dr Andrea Augsten, who works at the German Society for International Cooperation, the creative director Christian Haas, or Dirk Wachowiak, Cihan Tamti, Boris Kochan, and many more. Based on the research, this print and an online magazine was created. It consists of infographics, self-tests, and entertaining knowledge from the last twelve previously unthinkable months. The project was featured on Design made in Germany and Slanted Magazine.

the binding of the magazine the emboss on the cover the page design

The Process

Because of the group size, we ended up splitting into different subgroups which each focused on a certain part of the magazine such as writing, illustration of project management. As the head of the design team, my team and I were responsible for the creation of the corporate design. Apart from selecting fonts and colors, we coordinated with the illustration team and built a general look for Momentum.

Since there was a separate group for typesetting, we also created a manual that helped sustain continuity (as seen below). The unique selling point of Momentum are its illustrations, which can be brought to life by the recipient through AR. You can download your free copy here.

the design manual a cover page a full-page picture

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