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About the Project

Client: Fraunhofer IPA
Team size: 4 People
Date: February – May 2021
My tasks: Conception, illustration, animation

The task of this project was to create a short video advertising CURT, a fully automated agricultural robot. The client wanted to explain Curt's different features and how farmers would benefit from them, saving time and resources in the process.

To achieve this, I worked together closely with the client to understand the project myself and how to reduce its complexity without missing any important points. We then created a script, which was the base for the animation. It was separated into different scenes and would later be read by a narrator.

The Process

For each scene, I designed a storyboard that visualized the most important points of the animation and was supposed to give both me and the client a rough idea of how it would look later on. Creating storyboards is an essential step for me since it doesn’t take as long as animating but still gives the client an idea of how the animation will look, enabling him to give feedback in an early phase of the process. Once the storyboard was finished, I made a mood board and began developing characters and assets by sketching (as seen below).

I also made a colour scheme consisting of earthy colours accompanied by herbal green tones as the theme was revolving around agriculture. I then created the final assets in Adobe Illustrator before I began animating them. The challenge here was to construct an illustrative style while keeping CURT recognizable. In the last and most time-intensive step, I animated the final video scene by scene, using the script read by the narrator for timing.

a sketch of the farmer a sketch of the plants
the selected design colors

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