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About the Project

Tutors: Chris Shearston, Amritpal Randhawa
Team size: 2 People (with Vera Gereke)
Date: February – May 2019
My tasks: Conception, interface design, layout

BzztBzzt! is a board game that aims to educate children about mobile phone usage by using them while playing. It was created as part of an project brief during my time abroad. Our task was to reach out to other faculties and to enable an interdisciplinary project based on our research. We chose to approach the Salford Cognitive Development Lab , where we held interviews with several researchers. The topic of the cognitive development of children and the influence of mobile phones in the process especially sparked our interest.

That was when we decided to educate children and their parents in an easy and fun way by designing a board game. My team partner Vera created cute and playful illustrations which we then incorporated into the design of the board and pieces, an instruction manual, and an app. Like pachisi, the goal of the game is to get all four pieces into your base by completing one clockwise rotation around the board. If you step on an action field, however, you are required to open an app on your phone to interact with other players in a mini game. These games are randomly selected and teach the advantages and threats of mobile phone usage in a fun way by rewarding or punishing the players.

the BzztBzzt! board and pieces an instruction manual design the illustrations for BzztBzzzt! the packaging design of the board game

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